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21 October 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - It's coming!

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Today I am feeling a little tired after what can only be described as a fantastic evening spent last night at the CN Awards. I was really impressed by the Small Business Minister, Margot James, who gave an inspirational speech. I was also absolutely delighted to see my good friend, Sarah Purdham of Prima Uno, win the Service Business of the Year award. It was so deserved.
So on with the blog. Here is a roundup of what's been going on with a little bit of Sellafield gossip!

07 October 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Lighting the Way!

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Another two weeks have flown by and once again it is blog time. It has been a ridiculously busy couple of weeks resulting in me accidently booking a holiday for December.

The industry remains relatively quiet but with a positive under tone. Under the BECBC section make sure you read the presentation from Martin Chown, Supply Chain Director at Sellafield. I have to say I was dead impressed by him and his approach. Now Rory has gone I
may well have found my new Sellafield crush.

23 September 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Quick Dash!

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This week has been one of those weeks that makes me feel truly grateful for the people I am lucky enough to know in this industry. I have had a few conversations with people this week that truly inspire me; people who are real leaders in the industry, but who take time to have a coffee with me. It almost makes me feel a little bit important.

So on with the blog:

09 September 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - I'm Back!!

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Hello – Have you missed me?? I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since I last wrote a blog. That is, without doubt, the longest time I have gone since writing. I hope I haven't forgotten how to do it. So, since I last wrote I am now living in a new house, I spent a night sleeping rough and I found out I can't ski, which I will tell you all about later, but for now, on with the blog.

22 July 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Planning the Future!

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It's blog Friday again. I hope you have had an enjoyable couple of weeks and you are all ready for the kids for a whole 6 weeks. The next blog won't be until the 2nd of September as I know a number of you are going to be on holiday and won't really care what is going on in and round the industry. As a reminder, the Saturday before my next blog I am doing a night sleeping rough to raise money for Calderwood House, which is a homeless hostel based in Egremont. This is probably one of my worst nightmares and I will of course do a video log for you all so you can enjoy my suffering. As with all these things, what is really important is that people get behind the cause and sponsor. Even if it is just for a £1 please follow the link and make me sleeping rough worthwhile and help put a roof over the heads of those ex forces men and women and those less fortunate than ourselves:

08 July 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Chugging Along!

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Happy Friday everyone! I can never understand how a week can go so fast but feel so long! It's certainly been a busy couple of weeks which is always a good sign.
Just a reminder that on the 27th August I am taking part in a night sleeping rough to raise money for Calderwood House, a homeless hostel in Egremont. I would really appreciate your support and if every one of my readers sponsored me just £1 that would be £6k so if you read the blog and find it useful or entertaining please make a donation. Here is the link for you:

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