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21 October 2016

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - It's coming!

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Today I am feeling a little tired after what can only be described as a fantastic evening spent last night at the CN Awards. I was really impressed by the Small Business Minister, Margot James, who gave an inspirational speech. I was also absolutely delighted to see my good friend, Sarah Purdham of Prima Uno, win the Service Business of the Year award. It was so deserved.
So on with the blog. Here is a roundup of what's been going on with a little bit of Sellafield gossip!


I have heard some fab news on the grapevine. Last month PPP (Programme and Project Partners) was put on hold. We were told it was to allow the Infrastructure Projects Authority to review the model. However, the supply chain just felt it was another false start for a contract that would never come to fruition. I have heard, but please remember this is hearsay and not fact, that this contract is going to go ahead and is being pushed by Sellafield. Apparently there are a few recommendations following the IPA's review but nothing that will stop this moving forward. If this is true it will be awesome for the area and should see a number of companies who have retreated from the area coming back. It will also mean the Market Enhanced model is closer as this was a key element of the transition. – I absolutely love good news.


Prince Philip visits Sellafield
Today the Duke of Edinburgh has visited Sellafield. He was given a guided tour of the site, and saw first-hand the size and scale of the clean-up challenge at Sellafield and the innovative ways they are being overcome. This is his third visit to Sellafield, having previously visited Windscale and Calder Hall in 1955 as well as opening the Sellafield Visitors Centre in 1988.
The Duke was accompanied on the visit by the Lord Lieutenant for Cumbria, Claire Hensman, and members of the Sellafield Ltd and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Executive and Board.
During his visit, the Duke also met with employees who not only drive forward the Sellafield Ltd and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority mission, but also hold crucial voluntary roles - from emergency service volunteers to flood recovery heroes - within the local community.


The second and final shipment of HLW from the UK to Switzerland has been completed. The waste resulted from the reprocessing and recycling of used nuclear fuel from Swiss nuclear power plants at Sellafield.
The consignment - comprising four flasks, each containing 28 containers of HLW in the form of vitrified residues - was delivered to the central Zwilag interim waste management facility at Würenlingen on 13 October.
INS - a subsidiary of the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - said the flasks were loaded on to the specialist nuclear transport vessel Oceanic Pintail and sailed from Barrow on 7 October. The vessel shipped them to the port of Cherbourg in northern France, from where they were transported by rail to Switzerland. INS said it contracted with its historical partner Areva to safely manage the overland transport in France.


National College for Nuclear
The National College for Nuclear is set to open in September next year.
The Northern Hub, built at the Lakes College site, will feature virtual reality suites allowing learners to experience nuclear installations in a virtual environment, science and radiation laboratories and specialised design and modelling suites.
The National College for Nuclear will train the next generation of nuclear workers in a range of specialised careers, and aims to train over 7,000 learners across both facilities by 2020.
Some of those will be taking longer courses and some will be taking part in specialist one-day training opportunities.
Led by Sellafield Ltd and EDF Energy, in partnership with Lakes College and the University of Cumbria, the training facilities will include a realtor simulator and engineering workshops.


Supply Chain

Safety Critical
Initially I was quite sad to hear that Safety Critical, who provide safety design and safety case management services for the process, nuclear, and oil and gas industries had been bought. The press release came out just after the last blog to say that Nuvia had purchased the business. I felt sad because it seems as soon as a small company is established and does well a large company comes along and swallows them up. However, I happened to bump into Kurt on Wednesday and he feels this is a really positive move and is want the business and the employees of Safety Critical needed to enable them to grow. Nuvia have the infrastructure in place to develop and grow the staff and the business. Kurt will be employed by Nuvia but will also remain a director in his other business iControls and Innoflow.
So if Kurt and his lovely wife Rebecca are happy then I am happy for them and I am delighted for the employees of Safety Critical who aren't in danger of losing their jobs and instead will be given the opportunity to flourish.


James Fisher Nuclear

James Fisher Nuclear have started deflector plate removal on the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo at Sellafield.
The cutting work is being carried out on one of the oldest and most dangerous buildings on the site.
The plates were originally used to deflect magnox swarf, pile fuel cladding and other toxic waste tipped into the building during the Cold War.
They need to be removed so the waste can be lifted out and put into a safer place when retrievals start in 2020.
Shepley Engineers Ltd is also helping in the work. Both firms are part of the Cumbria Nuclear Solutions consortium.
It was awarded the first phase of the contract in 2012 and would eventually see old steelwork removed in preparation for waste retrieval work.
James Fisher Nuclear used a full-scale mock-up of the silo at its Egremont facility where staff from the firm and Sellafield worked together to tackle the project.
It allowed them to design and manufacture the equipment and processes to carry out the job.


The first of four new UK submarines to carry Trident nuclear missiles will be named Dreadnought, a decision inspired by famous ships from the past.
The Ministry of Defence revealed the name, to coincide with Trafalgar Day, for the first vessel of the £31bn project to replace existing submarines.
The MoD said nine Navy vessels had previously been named Dreadnought.
Perhaps the most famous was HMS Dreadnought, commissioned in 1906, which transformed naval warfare.
The name became used at the time to describe a new era of warship design.
Other Dreadnoughts included one that sailed with Sir Francis Drake to battle the Spanish Armada in 1588, and another that was present with Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
Britain's first nuclear-powered submarine, launched 56 years ago, also shared the name.


Calderwood Coffee for Business
On Tuesday 25th October Calderwood House is launching their Coffee for Business with a tasting session. Calderwood are offering new, bigger, business sized packs of their delicious coffee with every penny made going to their homeless shelter, that prioritises ex forces men and women, in Egremont.
The drop-in coffee tasting session will be running from 10.30am to 12.30pm, with a talk at 11am from the founder and Cumbria Woman of the Year, Rachel Holliday.
I will be there for the duration so please do come along, try some coffee, have a craic with our staff and residents and maybe even purchase some coffee for your offices.


New Build
National Grid has announced a new consultation on its plans to connect Cumbria's proposed nuclear new build to the electricity network.
It will hold 30 public events in both Cumbria and Lancashire, starting with one in Rampside Village Hall, Roa Island Road, Rampside, on Tuesday, November 1 to discuss the £2.8bn project.
These will see the firm explain the technologies which will be used to connect the grid to NuGen's planned development at Moorside, near Sellafield
The company has been working on these plans for six years of work and say they have tried to find balance between protecting landscapes and the passing costs on to bill payers.
National Grid is due to apply to the Government next year for permission for the connection to be built. This means that the forthcoming consultation may be the last to cover the whole route.


I can't believe it is only three weeks until NuExec turns 5 years old. It has been a mad journey with many ups and downs. I have learnt so much from the last 5 years. I've learnt my strengths and weaknesses, I've learnt that business can be so hard and taking the personal feelings out of it is incredibly difficult. I've learnt that somethings you just can't control and regardless of the result, you should never compromise your beliefs, ethics and gut feel. Plus, the week after we turn 5 it is the BECBC Awards where we have been shortlisted for Small Business of the Year which is such a massive achievement and accolade.
It is only two weeks until the NDA event, which I am really excited for. We are trying something very special on our stand this year. So we are asking: "To what extent do you believe people are a company's biggest asset? Come and #challengeNuExec and find out just #whatsbehindthescreen!" Make sure you come and say hi on stand number: E7


It Could Only Happen to me / NDA Supply Chain Event November 2014
As the NDA Supply Chain event is fast approaching, I wanted to share with you a part of the blog I put together following the 2014 NDA event that encapsulated the type of people you will encounter whilst in attendance at the event:

The Nicker Pincher - early riser who visits your stand prior to you being there purely so they can nick your goods without you knowing

The Ignorer - I don't really want to speak to you but I'm paid to be here!

The Handbag Ladies - the business development guys who all stand in a circle around an imaginary handbag making 'small talk'

The Code Breakers - the people who insist on talking in acronyms and abbreviations.

Billy No Mates - standing on their own in a big crowd with no one to talk to

The Hungover - the people who thought it was clever to go out to dinner and drinks the previous night and are suffering terribly especially by 2pm

The Smoker - the person who greets you and speaks to you stinking of stale fags!

The Technologist - the ones that walk the whole exhibition on their phone or pretending to be so they don't have to speak to anyone!

The Uninterested - the ones who ask you what your company does and the minute you start speaking you see the glaze descend over their eyes.

The Couple - the two who go everywhere together

The Letch - the one who can be spotted closest to Women in Nuclear area and whom you can see following every lady with their eyes.

The Boob Watcher – The guy who spends the whole conversation speaking to your breasts

The Magpie - the person who is attracted to all things shinny!

The Talker - Comes to the stand and then won't leave

The Confused – The person walking around with that confused look who finally realises they are at the wrong event.

The Lost – (This was me) The person that keeps walking past the same stand because they can't find either the stand they are looking for or the way back to their own.

Until next time.....