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03 March 2017

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - It wasn't me!

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Happy Friday my lovely readers!!! - No I don't want anything, I am just full of the joys of spring. I can't believe another 2 weeks have raced in and we are now in March!

It has been a fairly quiet couple of weeks on the news front, but here is what I know:


A 350-tonne machine has been installed at Sellafield to tackle one of the world's most challenging nuclear clean-up jobs.
The £100m silo emptying plant will scoop radioactive waste out of the Magnox swarf storage silo.
The 1960's storage facility contains 10,000 cubic metres of intermediate level nuclear waste.
This is the first of three machines that will sit on rails on top of the silo's 22 vertical waste compartments. Each compartment is big enough to accommodate six double decker buses stacked three high.
Once in operation, the emptying machines will be manoeuvred into place over the top of each compartment to scoop out their contents. The material will then be packed into nuclear skips and sent to modern waste stores at Sellafield, pending final disposal in the UK's geological disposal facility.
The machines will be ready to start retrieving waste in 2018, taking an estimated 20 to 25 years to complete the task.
The emptying machines were built by NES Ansaldo at its Wolverhampton factory, before being dismantled and sent to Sellafield in 23 separate modules. The modules were then lifted one by one into the silo building and re-assembled in situ.
The silo took waste from nuclear power stations all over the UK until its closure in June 2000. Its contents are chiefly made up of magnesium cladding which was stripped from nuclear fuel rods before they were sent for reprocessing.


Supply Chain Robots
One of the world's biggest TV news networks is featuring a special report on Sellafield.
US broadcaster Bloomberg TV, filmed a feature on how Sellafield is working with their supply chain to develop robots to help decommission the site.
The video report features the Pile Fuel Storage Pond at Sellafield and showcases the innovative work being done by supply chain companies Createc , Forth Engineering and the National Nuclear Laboratory.
Sellafield Ltd's technical director Rebecca Weston is among those who appear in the report. Bloomberg has also produced a piece on Sellafield for its Businessweek magazine which is read by one million people, mainly in the US


Community Choices – Calderwood House
A shameless plug for Calderwood House! Sellafield has a new scheme called Community Choices – offering not-for-profit charities and community groups the chance to apply for grants for their good causes and letting the public decide who will get the funding.
Calderwood Furniture Services has been shortlisted in the Improving Social Inclusion category and we need you to vote. Let me quickly tell you the back story. I set the residents of Calderwood House a challenge to write a business plan for a sustainable business that would bring money into the project to make us self-sustainable, whilst giving our residents work experience. One of our awesome residents, that never fails to impress and inspire me, wrote a comprehensive business plan to open Calderwood Furniture Services. The idea would be to take in donated furniture and get it improved for resale. In addition, residents working within the business will earn points and when they move into their own home they can use their points to purchase furniture to furnish their homes. The money from Community Choices would enable the business to set up and run for a year. – So please get behind those people who want to change their lives and help others do the same. . Voting closes on 26thMarch.


So a new CEO has been announced at the NDA. The lucky chap is David Peattie.
David will be responsible for leading the NDA in the decommissioning and clean-up of 17 legacy nuclear sites across the UK, including Sellafield. He started in the role on 1 March 2017, when John Clarke stepped down after five years in the role. – I would like to thank John Clarke for his contribution and commitment to the nuclear industry and to our area. He has arguably had one of the hardest roles in the industry and has stood strong and remained passionate and consistent throughout. I am sure we haven't seen the last of him though and he is bound to pop up again somewhere in the industry.

Anyway, I digress, on with David:

Prior to taking up his role at the NDA David Peattie was Chief Executive Officer at Fairfield Energy, where he led the successful turnaround of performance of North Sea assets and oversaw the start of the decommissioning project for the Dunlin Alpha Platform.
David began his career at British Petroleum in 1979 as a petroleum engineer and during his 33 years at the company held a number of technical, commercial and senior management positions. His roles at BP included Head of BP Group Investor Relations, Commercial Director of BP Chemicals, Deputy Head of global Exploration & Production, Head of BP Group Planning, and finally as Head of BP Russia where he was responsible for BP's interests in the TNK-BP joint venture as well as its businesses in the Russian Arctic and Sakhalin. In addition, he was BP's lead Director on the board of TNK-BP and Chairman of its Health, Safety and Environment Committee.
David is a Chartered Engineer and Member of Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Petroleum Engineering).


Tom Smith also took over as Chairman of NDA on 1 March 2017 from Stephen Henwood, who stepped down as Chair after 9 years in the role.
Tom Smith has a strong track record in delivering infrastructure projects and complex commercial contracts between the public and private sectors, and since 2013 he has been an invaluable asset to the NDA Board.
Tom read Chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford and is a Member of the Institute of Directors. His initial career was in the Diplomatic Service, working in London, Hong Kong and Beijing between 1979 and 1990, when he was part of the team that negotiated the 1984 treaty with China on Hong Kong.
With a career embracing both public and private sectors, he spent 10 years at the Go-Ahead Group plc, becoming Managing Director Rail Development and was instrumental in making Go-Ahead one of Britain's largest train operators. He was Chairman of the Association of Train Operating Companies from 2009 to 2013. Previous to his career in the rail industry, he was Managing Director of Midland Expressway, the company that developed and operates the M6Toll; and held a number of senior positions at Trafalgar House plc.
In 2013 he was appointed as Non-Executive Director of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, serving as a member of the NDA's Audit and Risk Assurance Committee. In January 2014, Mr Smith was appointed a Non-Executive Director of the Highways Agency and became a Non-Executive Director of Highways England on 1 April 2015. He is also Chairman of Angel Trains Group.


It isn't often I mention Doureay on my blog, but the lovely Liz Bowe shared some information that I thought many of my readers may benefit from so here you go:

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) is seeking to award a Framework Agreement to a maximum of six Contractors for a duration of up to four years (2+1+1) for the period July 2017 to June 2021. The Framework Agreement is for the provision of Building and Civil Services to support a number of projects on the Dounreay site. The anticipated value of Work Packages that may be awarded through the Framework Agreement over the four year duration is GBP 10M.

The scope of works includes the following activities:
• Excavations
• Foundation Works
• Minor Concrete Pours
• Maintenance of Pathways, Car Parks, Roads, Drainage
• Provision of Aggregates
• Joinery Services including Shuttering
• Masonry Services
• Plumbing Services
• Painting Services
• Roofing Renewals & Repairs
• Building Maintenance Services
• Transportation of non radiological waste to Landfill Sites
• Provision of Labour & Plant to work under the Employer's direction
• Demolition of small buildings primarily in non-active areas where the services of  a specialist Demolition Contractor are not required
• General Building and Civils Activities

Although, the Framework Agreement has a duration of four years, the initial award will be for a period of two years (July 2017 to June 2019). Thereafter, two further one year extension can be awarded at the sole discretion of the Employer. Any extension to the initial two year period will be based upon the continued requirement of the Framework Agreement and the performance of the individual Contractors.
Value of contract £10.0m - £10.5m

Published date 20 February 2017

Closing date 23 March 2017

Contract start date 01 July 2017

Contract end date 30 June 2021

Contact name Carly Mackay Telephone +44 1847802766
Dounreay, Building D2003
Thurso, Caithness
KW14 7TZ


Supply Chain

Prima Uno
Prima Uno's new Portfolio, Programme & Project Management consultancy P4M has now launched its own website. Following the growth of P4M's strategic & programme management portfolio there are plans to open a Manchester and London office to cope with demands from other high profile UK and international projects such as the new Heathrow Runway.

Sarah Purdham of Prima Uno said "We are excited about creating a sustainable future for our employees as we break into new sectors and technologies. We are very excited about 2017. Expanding our geographical area is key so we can continue to service our East & Southern clients by having premises in these key growth areas"

If you would like any information about Prima Uno (, P4M or Prima Uno Training please visit the websites below or call 01946 817209.

I am so proud of Sarah and her team. Sarah is a true representation of an entrepreneur who is passionate about what she does and the area she lives. A true inspiration.


Forth Engineering
As part of the ongoing commitment to expand their capabilities, Forth Engineering are delighted to announce the incorporation of Aerosnapper Ltd into Forth Group.
The capabilities and experience of Aerosnapper will undoubtedly enhance their services and complement their ongoing development of robotic remote vehicles, beyond climbing, walking, crawling and swimming, into the skys!
With immediate effect, they are now able to offer the following state of the art drone related services and are working on innovative drone technologies for tank vessel and harsh environment inspections:
• Aerial Photography
• Aerial Filming
• Aerial Surveys/Inspections
- Roofs
- Buildings
- Pipe bridges
- Chimneys
- Over water – e.g. pond, sea, water course inspections
• 3D mapping using Point Cloud data
They can also offer ground based filming and photography which is ideal for documenting product trials and testing either here at Forth, or on client's premises.

Aerosnapper will be working closely with the existing Research & Development team at Forth to develop specialist aerial platforms to meet their client's demanding requirements.
They are certain this exciting new development will be of real value to their clients, and will allow their Business to grow, which ultimately will impact positively on the West Cumbrian communities that they are proud to be a part of.


NuExec – It's been a busy couple of weeks and we have some interesting nuclear and non-nuclear opportunities we are recruiting. Check out: and to view out latest opportunities. In addition, if you are looking to recruit within your business get in touch!


It Can Only Happen to Me
I actually don't have an it could only happen to me – maybe I am finally growing up and turning into a responsible adult???
Anyhow I put a plea out to my friends and my lovely friend Dianne Richardson, who many of you will know, shared this lovely story with me as a guest "it could only happen to me."
So a few years ago my hubby was honoured to be awarded a MBE. You get to take 3 guests, so along with me, he decided to take our mums to the palace which delighted them. As a thank you for the invitation my parents took us to the Ritz for dinner afterwards.

There we are all dressed up & enjoying the evening, we managed to get right through to coffee before my moment arrived. Talking away about the excitement of the day I reached out & added a spoon of sugar to my coffee & took a sip only to discover I'd added salt by accident! They were so posh they didn't use salt cellars!

At first I thought, being a hardy Cumbrian, I could grit my teeth & drink the coffee but a second sip soon told me I was deluded. We'd earlier had a really good chat with the Sommelier & discovered he was Cumbrian so I came up with a plan. Saying I needed to visit the ladies I stood up to leave the table at which point my mum decided to join me. Desperate to cover my mistake I moved rapidly & quietly said to the Sommelier "as a fellow Cumbrian I need your help, I've managed to put salt in my coffee instead of sugar" Completely unflappable he replied "Don't worry Madam leave it with me"

As mum & I exit to the ladies everyone on the table is very impressed that the Ritz is so concerned about the details that they replace your coffee if you go to the loo!

I almost got away with it until the distraught waiter who was meant to take the salt away at the end of the main course came over to apologise profusely........

You can follow Dianne's blog on:

Until next time.....