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24 July 2015

Cumbria Nuclear News and Views - A Snail Goes Faster!

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Well quiet is an understatement for the industry right now! I get that budgets have gone up and supply chain spend is going to be more, but when is that going to happen? The supply chain is buckling beneath them as having no work is not sustainable. Redundancies are at an all-time high, businesses are closing offices and pulling out of the industry whilst other SME's are having sleepless nights worrying if their business is sustainable in the current climate! – I however remain optimistic and think that come September / October time Sellafield are going to go "Shit we have this money to spend and we haven't spent it – let's start putting contracts out". Then Tier 2's will get busy which will filter to the 3's and 4's and we will recruit all the exceptional individuals they will need to deliver the projects.

So other than hearing how companies are struggling there isn't much news. You probably already know that the DDP contract is having its value cut. From my understanding it is only going to be worth 25% – 30% of the original value - that is a huge blow to companies that have spent hours on the bid for the work.

17 January 2014

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - New Build is coming to town!

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January is flying by and we are now half way through the month. It is going to be the summer again before we know it!

So this week has been all about new build. There has been article after article and press release after press release regarding Westinghouse's purchase. I have included in my blog what I class as the 4 key press releases so you have the information all in one place.

The general industry has been a little slow but following is what I know:

12 July 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - No News is Good News!

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What a wonderful sunny summers week we have had. It always makes me laugh that all through the winter all you hear is gripes and groans about how cold it is and how we can't wait for the warm weather. Then when we finally get some sunshine, which let's be honest doesn't happen often in Cumbria, and all you hear is the same people who were complaining about the cold weather complaining about how warm it is. There really is no pleasing some people.

It's quite a short blog this week as there hasn't been much news coming out and I haven't heard from anyone this week so no gossip either.

05 July 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Sellafield's Annual Report

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I can't believe that it is Friday already, this week has absolutely flown in and I don't feel like my feet have touched the ground. There seems to have been quite a bit going on this week and I have heard quite a lot of nuclear gossip which always makes me smile to hear. I also had a real realisation just how small our industry really is. When in a conversation with a couple of chaps regarding industry people, I was shocked that I knew every single person they spoke about!

Just a little reminder as I haven't said it for a while, my blogs are based on what I have read, heard, experienced or seen and are based on my opinions and views. A quick thank you to all of you that share articles and information with me. Right on with the blog!

31 May 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Where is everyone!

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Well it’s a beautiful sunny Friday in Cumbria and fingers crossed it will continue for the weekend. This week seems to have been incredibly quiet for news and craic. Seems the industry has shut down for half term. So I have quite a short blog for you this week so no excuse not to read it all!

12 April 2013

ID Required

Written by Emma-Jayne Gooch, Posted in NuExec Blog

Another week has passed and Easter is long forgotten. My highlight this week was being asked to produce ID to buy a bottle of wine.

I don't think the chap asking for my ID could quite understand my delight at having to produce my driving licence to prove I am in fact 35! Hold the botox we have a few years left!

It has been quite a quiet week this week and I haven't seen many people so mostly the blog is made up of news stories I have picked up over the week. I am disappointed that I won't be attending the Nuclear Decommissioning Conference in Manchester on Monday and Tuesday as the attendees and presentations look fantastic, but unfortunately due to a family bereavement I need to be at home with my family. So if any of you are attending and would be kind enough to take a few notes that I could share with the readers next week that would be smashing.