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19 July 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - Will anything get built in Cumbria?

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I can't believe we still have sunshine in Cumbria. This has to be the best summer we have had in years. What a shame though for those of us who have to work and can't be outside enjoying it – still at least it has been staying for the weekend.

There have been some very interesting articles out this week about New Build but all remains quite quiet from Sellafield.

12 July 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - No News is Good News!

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What a wonderful sunny summers week we have had. It always makes me laugh that all through the winter all you hear is gripes and groans about how cold it is and how we can't wait for the warm weather. Then when we finally get some sunshine, which let's be honest doesn't happen often in Cumbria, and all you hear is the same people who were complaining about the cold weather complaining about how warm it is. There really is no pleasing some people.

It's quite a short blog this week as there hasn't been much news coming out and I haven't heard from anyone this week so no gossip either.

17 May 2013

Cumbria Nuclear News & Views - No room at the Inn.

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Happy Friday! Another week is done and we are nearly at the weekend. This has been a busy week for news and it has actually taken me a day and a half to write the blog this week – now there's commitment for you. Each section is titled so it should make easier reading for you. I am delighted to tell you that my weekly reader numbers are now hitting the 600 mark which really is fantastic. So now I want to try and push to get to a 1000 readers. You know me, always pushing myself to achieve. This week if every one of you passes the link on to 1 other person then we can hit that number with ease. Have a think of who else would benefit and pass it on. :-)